Company Mission
(Est. 2017)

Little Blondie is built upon the belief that cinematic storytelling is for everyone. Film has the great power to allow audiences to transcend their own realities and be moved by another human’s story - and the tellers of those stories have a responsibility, to both their viewers and their characters, to make their work meaningful.

We aim to challenge, entertain, upset, comfort, and surprise our audiences. We believe in moments that incite laughter from some and cringes from others. We push away from traditional barriers of genre, and seek to create films that offer each viewer an individual experience. We use our stories to ask questions, rather than offer answers.

We collaborate with a varied group of artists to create our original work as well as to co-produce outside projects. New York City is historically a melting pot of both culture and talent and we are thrilled to have such a rich city as our home. Part of our mission is to advocate for better representation of groups and characters that have been historically left out of the cinematic conversation - or to add authentic and nuanced stories to their cannons. This mission counts for in front of and behind the camera: we make it a point to have our productions meet as many of the below criteria as possible:

  • Gender Parity behind the camera: 50/50 Female Identifying and Male Identifying artists (or non-CIS and CIS artists)

  • Non-Biased Casting: Consider all ethnicities / genders for all roles when casting a project unless circumstance is expressly dictated by the script

  • Nuanced Storytelling: Does our story feed into established cliche’s and stereotypes of a certain group (Queer, POC, Low Economic Standing, etc.) Or are we pointing out a nuanced angle in the conversation around our characters’ circumstances?

Whether we are creating an off-the-wall thriller, a quiet character study, or am impressionistic doc-dance film, our mantra at Little Blondie is: Story Told Bold, and we’re stickin’ to it.


The Team


Lauren Flack

Co-Founder - Producer - Director

Lauren Flack is a New York based Director and Producer originally from Kansas. She is the Co- Founder Little Blondie Films and is a Co-Producer of Shorts Night Film Festival (SNFF) in downtown NYC. Her most recent directing credits are: American Ballet Theatre (Fall 2018 Promo Campaign, AD), Outgrown (AD) Signs of Aging (AD). Recent film producing credits include: Like Glass ass (SCAD Savannah Film Festival) and The Maiden (2018). She has helped produce content for clients such as: NatGeo, Pantene, truTV, The Swiss Institute, FX, Discovery, Hallmark, Cisco, and FOX. She is a proud member of NYWIFT, NYC Women Filmmakers and is the Director of Volunteers at Arts On Site (NYC Arts Non-Profit).


David Elijah

Co-Founder - Screenwriter - Director

David is a New York based Writer, Actor, and Producer. He co-founded Little Blondie Films in 2017 and is a current co-producer of Shorts Night Film Festival in downtown NYC. David's Writing has appeared on both film and stage, works include: Like Glass (SCAD Savannah Film Festival), Next Faggot Nation (HERE Arts Center, Dixon Place, Dramatists Guild Foundation). As an actor, David has worked on projects such as The Sketch Artist (Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Best Short – IVY Film Festival), Like Glass (Best Supporting Actor nomination – QPIFF), One Bad Choice (MTV), Unforgettable (CBS), Wild (IRT), Something Wild: One Acts from Tennessee Williams (Abingdon Theater Co.), World Wide Lab ’2012 (NYC) and 2016 (Taiwan) - as well as a Super Bowl commercial spot for MYLAN.